AMA Memberships


Tampa Drones gets a small kick back for having our members bey their AMA memberships through our club. You can help us by simply entering the Tampa Drones promo code 1023848 when filling out your form!
Buying your first membership and even renewals from us is one of the many ways you can support our community! Click here to be taken to the product page.
Under 18: FREE
Years 18-64: $75
Years 65 and older: $65

Your Membership Comes With All This.

    • Flying models is a safe activity. But sometimes accidents can happen involving people or property. Enjoy peace of mind flying by knowing the AMA has you covered. It would cost you $1,000 a year or more to buy this insurance on your own. And you’re covered whether you choose to fly at an AMA club field, park, backyard or wherever.
    • Model Aviation Magazine or Model Aviation Digital
  • Product reviews, technical and “how-to” articles, AMA news, and special features

Member Insurance Benefit

    • $2.5 Million Liability Umbrella
    • $25,000 Medical Coverage
  • $1,000 Fire and Theft Coverage

AMA Member Credentials

    • ID card and decal

How do I???”…Answered!! Online Learning and Flight Certification

    • 2,400 AMA Chartered Clubs
  • Learn to fly at our clubs