How to find the best spot in Tampa to fly my drone.


So you just dropped some douh on a sweet new brushless racer or the latest DJI Phantom. Do you know where it is safe to fly?
Tampa Drones was started with the idea of sharing knowledge with the community. By sharing what we know, we help create safer skies as we help educate up and coming drone pilots.
So how can you help? Check out our Fly Map, specifically made for our Tampa Drones community. This is a community modifiable map of places we have found to be open and legal for you to fly your drone.
Simply click the  icon and click Edit in the upper left hand corner. Add a location as necessary.
If you are in the red shaded area, you are most likely in a NFZ and will need to report your UAV operations.

This is the official map from the website.


If you plan to operate in the red zone, visit and report your flight info.