June Newsletter


Happy Summer!
First and foremost, thank you everyone who purchased an AMA membership from us or used our Promo code! If you are planning to purchase an AMA membership or need to renew, please contact me and I will help you make sure your application is correct and you are using the correct promo code.
If you are following us on Facebook, earlier this week Tampa Drones won $1000 from a drawing by the AMA! Every membership that Tampa Drones sells, we get a small kickback every quarter. Additionally, every drone club and hobby shop that sells a membership is automatically entered for the drawing and this year it was us! A HUGE THANK YOU!
I recently added UAV Business Directory to our website. If you have your UAS Certificate and looking for gigs, or you have a business you wish to advertise, please list those on the directory. Unfortunately too many people are advertising their services or business in the comment sections on the Meetup site and Facebook. I don’t wish to prevent you from advertising, so I added a dedicated page on TampaDrones.com that will allow you to advertise. Beginning this month, I will start removing content that is intended to be an advert and I will kindly direct you to our website for submission. At this time, submissions are FREE!
Got some stuff to sell? Our website now has a classifieds section where you can post your items up for sale.
Have you taken our survey yet? The majority of Tampa is under a No Fly Zone (NFZ). With that said, it is challenging to find new areas that are central to our members. Our survey is intended to ask the community for help in finding new locations to host Meetups. Also, every participant will be entered to win a Tampa Drones t-shirt! The contest ends at midnight June 14th and the drawing will commence at noon on June 15th!
I have updated our Fly Map to shade in the NFZ areas for Tampa. Also added to the map are all the city parks around our area which you can fly your drone in. Drones are not allowed in County, State or Federal Wildlife Reserves. The Fly Map will help you decide where it is safe to fly or not. Unfortunately, most open areas on the EAST side of Tampa is either County, State or Private land.
The money that was awarded to Tampa Drones by the AMA will support our first ever 4th of July BBQ! The BBQ will be held in Hilton RC Airfield and there will be food, fireworks, games and raffles! Bring your drones and your family for this awesome event! You may also bring your own fireworks to set off but we ask that you clean up after yourself.
As always, fly safe!
Tampa Drones