July Newsletter


Hello Pilots!
Its been a great summer and our best year yet! Lets get started….
We have a new flying location as suggested by one of our members so we are trying it out! I thought it would be a cool place to launch and get some sunset pictures. It is a beach front type place so there will be water nearby. But, its big enough that if you are not comfortable flying over water, there is enough area to take off and land from. Have a location you would like us to host? Contact me and let me know!
Tampa Drones is now offering membership options to help promote our community. With that, I have bought some racing gates and am building some fun obstacles to fly through. The meetup will be at Highlander Park in Dunedin where there is a large grassy area where we will set up at. We won’t be timing you or anything so there is no pressure if you are just starting out. Come out and fly through our gates and have some fun!
We have open flying days at Sheffield and Ed Radice Sports Complex throughout every month. These low key events are nice to come hang out with others and learn the ropes of flying. The meetup locations will be in areas I have found to be safe and have enough area for pilots to come and learn their craft. We all can learn from one another and this is a great way to do so.
We will be doing another Part 107 course soon so stay tuned.
Our 3D mapping class was a success! Rasmussen College was nice enough to lend us one of their classrooms so we could have space to have a class on 3D mapping with your drone. I am working on building this relationship so we can have more classes like this.
A shout out to our newest Tampa Drones Pro and Pro Platinum members! If you are like me and like to keep local business local, then consider these guys for your drone photography needs.

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Fly Safe!
Tampa Drones