November Newsletter


We have had a MASSIVE influx of new members join in the last few weeks so to all of you newcomers, Welcome to Tampa Drones! Lets get started!

With Sheffield Park being closed to us for nesting wildlife, we have been meeting at R. E. Olds Park for the last few weeks. I find it surprising how quickly some new pilots overcome their fear of water when they realize all the open space that our bay provides us. This meetup location offers the best of both worlds. A large grassy area to take off and land, and a long pier for beautiful video and jungling mangroves to explore. 

They say ‘the third time is the charm’ and that holds true for the fateful Tampa Drones Photography Tour. In the past, we kept getting rained out, however today’s chilly weather made for a great trip. We fought the chilly weather and was rewarded with calm waters and just a light breeze. 

First we visited Rooker Island followed by docking on Anclote Key. We visited the light house located on the island and explored a little bit during our lunch before sailing off again.

Now that we have most of the kinks worked out, we will most certainly will have another trip. Hopefully the warm weather comes back! Subscribe to the newsletter and follow our Facebook page to find out when we will do this again.

Come out December 8th for our racing drone event. This meetup is for the racing drone enthusiast and is where I set up a race track where you can race through. This is a growing event and is open to all skill levels. We may be introducing a new game that will definitely be exciting!

On December 9th we will also be meeting at R. E. Olds Park again for our Open Fly Day. Do you have a city park in your area you want us to host a Meetup at? Shoot us an email at and we will make it happen!

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A shout out to our again to our newest Tampa Drones Pro and Pro Platinum members! If you are like me and like to keep local business local, then consider these guys for your drone photography needs.

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Safe Skies!
Tampa Drones