Drone Video Editing in Windows 10


How to make a video in 1 hour using Windows 10

So, I have been sitting here today going through video and putting a promo video together from a gig last week. Surprisingly it was easy to just toss something together and let the AI do the work, but the results are sub par.
I have actually gotten to like this new AI technology Windows 10 has introduced into last years Fall update. It certainly isn’t perfect, but I figured out how to make it work to my advantage. After I made the video, I remembered some members recently have been asking about video editing software, so I wanted to share!
Here’s my video!
What I do is this:
1: Use the Photos app in Windows 10 to gather all the video/photos from your gig together and put them in their own Collection.
2: Once you have everything together, select Edit video with Music. Click Remix to find a video that has a good beat and feel to it, you want it to reflect the mood of the video itself.
3: Now, the video itself isn’t perfect, but if you click on a segment below, you can select Trim. Now click in the middle of the slider bar and move it around until you find the segment you want. To keep things easy, do not change the length of the bar. Keep it the same so it will follow the beat to the music!
4: Have fun messing around with the Filters. As you see in my video, I flip back between color and black and white to make the video pop a little more.
5: Download a program called OpenShot Video Editor to add your fading in and out. Do this by first adding the video you exported from Photos, and add it to your library. Then add the video to Channel 0. Right click and hover over fade and select your options. You can also pull just the audio from your video to layer it in separately to give some overlap in your video. Export the video to a number of formats and resolutions by clicking the red Export button at the top. That’s it!
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Fly Safe!
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