The Perfect Holiday Gift


For the past few days, I have been getting questions as to what drone should you get for your kids. Here are my answers!

Q: What racing drone should I get for my kid? Should I buy the kit and put it together with them?

A: Unless you as a parent are comfortable building a drone from scratch, then go ahead! But chances are, you don’t know a propeller from carbon fiber. If that’s the case, then I recommend the Eachine x220 from Banggood. For less than $200, your kid will have everything they need including a remote, carry bag, extra props, a battery, etc. 

Q: What drone should I get my 7 year old? I don’t want them to use my phone…

A: For that, I suggest you getting the Ryze Tello drone located on my website. Its light weight, you don’t have to register the drone, and uses a bluetooth controller. Though yes this drone has a camera and has an app to allow auto takeoff, you can pair the Tello with any bluetooth remote. So if you have an Xbox One or a PS4 in your home, you can use that remote to fly the Tello! Or you can also buy the Ryze T1D remote that was designed for the drone for less than $40. I have the bundle available on our website here!

Q: I still want to learn how to build a racing drone. Will you be hosting a drone building class?

A: Yes in fact! We will start doing build classes beginning in 2019. I haven’t fully figured this out yet as everyone’s skills are different, but I do plan to bring back the Meet and Tweak meetups. With that, I will also be hosting a ‘Virtual Meetup’ every Sunday night beginning in January. During these 1 hour sessions, we will have a new topic each weak and have featured guests. We are doing this on our cloud server and I plan to use the same platform to do a live drone build where you at home can follow along! 

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Safe Skies!
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