Let's kick things up a notch…

Newsletter, PSA

As mentioned in today’s broadcast, Tampa Drones is starting a nonprofit organization to benefit school drone clubs. Our mission statement is to “Drive interest in drone technology, and inspire those who embrace it.” No doubt this is going to take a lot of work and we will need your help!

I am dedicated to hiring only local small business whenever possible. If you work for or are a local small business owner and feel like your product or service could help benefit our cause, please let me know!

Things we need: (Updated 4-21)
LOTS of cleaning
Electrical inspection
Fire Inspection
Plumbing Inspection
Interior Design
Carpets ripped up
FPV Electrics
Man power
LED Lights
Indoor fpv arena build out

I will update this list as we go along. Due to the non-profit status, we will need staff leadership and I welcome all who feels the call to service! Staff members will be carefully chosen to support our interests.

Board Members:
Joshua Newby
Sean Morse

Staff Positions: (Proposed)
Director of Education Elements
Director of Drone Technology

Job Positions Available (Updated 4/23)

Drone Shop – Responsible for smooth operation of the drone arena, handles rentals and assists with battery recharging.
Front Desk – Responsible for check in of club members and new member registration. Keeping things tidy and organized is very much needed here.

Front Desk – Responsible for check in of club members and new member registration. Keeping things tidy and organized is very much needed here.

For the time being, all positions are on volunteer basis only, but you will be comped in some manner. This will be decided after our first board meeting and are open to suggestions. Free monthly passes once we open, maybe?

Normal operating hours will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am-8:30pm. There are 2 party rooms available that can be rented 7 days a week and will have full unrestricted access to all club amenities with no added fees. Catering from Snappers Restaurant will also be available.

I am doing this to initially keep our operating costs low while be build out. I forsee the clubhouse operating 7 days a week and that would be great! But even a non-profit has to make an income. Yes we currently have limited funding, but I feel right now it’s unrealistic to be open all week without some proper growth first. Walk before we run, so to speak. If the Board feels there will be enough demand, then that will change. But in the spirit of openness, that is the plan.

As mentioned in the video, for every $150,000 we raise, $2,500 will be donated to a middle or high school to start a drone club. The selection process will be randomly selected from submitted applications. Tampa Drones will be involved with forming their own club name and help bring in membership and grow their club. I believe that by bringing drone racing to yours child’s school, we will drive interest in STEM (Science Technology Electronics Mathematics) related e-sports! I foresee these clubs race other clubs much like schools have football teams and compete. We can accomplish this by designing the arena to have a video game like feel. Since you are flying indoors, FAA rules don’t apply here! You can safely fly your drone using just FPV goggles or a video screen. Cool huh?!

I’m not limiting the arena to just drones either. Bring your RC cars too! Simply DIY a fpv camera to your car and drive it around our indoor arena! We can have a lot of fun with this… Rocket League anyone?

Club Amenities (Proposed)
Self service drone repair shop
Professional drone repair services
Drone and RC car rentals
Indoor drone / RC car arena
Battery recharging station
Free soda machine
Full scale virtual reality room
Drone flight simulator
3D Printing

And we have a full kitchen and bar for food in the future! Sorry, but we won’t be serving alcohol, just juice and sodas to promote a family environment.

Well, that’s it. I hope you are just as excited as I am!! For a long time, I have wanted to get our group our own space, and that time has come. Feel free to send me an email at tampadronesgroup@gmail.com and I will do my best to help!

Fly Safe,
Tampa Drones