May Newsletter


Hello Pilots!
International Drone Day is upon us and if you don’t already know, we now have our own clubhouse! This year we will be hosting a BBQ on location to share our hobby and show how #dronesaregood. Our clubhouse and high tech indoor arena showcases how drones can be flown safely indoors, and the limitless capacity on its uses. Our address is 1936 Abacus Road in Holiday Florida if you would like to attend! Food vendor applications are being accepted!
Come out on Saturday May 11th for our racing drone meetup. This is the day we meet at Highlander Park and setup race gates for you all to come fly through. It’s a fun experience and open to all skill levels.
Let’s also meetup next Thursday May 16th at TB Drones in Largo for our newest meetup for micro drones. We have access to the back field to ‘test and tune’ your quads. Don’t have a micro? We can get you hooked up!
Come out to Rowlett Park on May 25th to our newest meetup spot! This was recommended by one of our own members and it has gotten a lot of positive feedback. The park is HUGE and offers plenty of space to fly whatever you have. We usually meet by the tennis courts under a pavilion. These can be found by turning LEFT into the park and following it around.
That’s all for now! Fly safe!
Tampa Drones