What sort of build for my first build, goggles and controller?


Hey everyone! I just wanted to reach out real quick as I have been asked this question quite a bit lately and I wanted to share my thoughts!
Your first drone should be small and light. This is because as it falls from the sky and smacks the ground, there is very little inertia behind the impact. The lighter the drone, the softer is falls. 🙂
With recent advances in micro brushless 1103 11000kv motors that fit on your fingertips, have turned micro drones the best beginner done this season.
The DJI Spark and Air are good too, don’t get me wrong. But if you want to make cool racing videos like you see on YouTube, check out the BetaFPV line of micro drones! Say goodbye to brushed micros!
On a 1S pack, brushless micros are just as calm and forgiving as a brushed Inductrix for smooth indoor runs on a rainy day. Strap a 2S pack and you’re ready to rip it up outside, and 3S is just flat out insane! Tons of fun and opens you up to a whole new places to fly!