Join the Tampa Drones Ambassador Program!


Join the Tampa Drones Ambassador Program!

When I formed Tampa Drones in 2014, I was new to the area and single. I had never had a typical hobby before, so I wanted to get into electronics, Arduino to be specific. Having such a rich IT management background, I had a few ideas I wanted to try out. Skipping ahead, I read a blog about how one can build a flight controller using an Arduino board and various components and build an ‘autonomous drone’. This blog is what started me down the rabbit hole and it wasn’t before long I had an ArduPilot APM flight controller in the mail.

I was like many of you before diving into the drone hobby. I searched for information to questions I had or build advice just like everyone else. The online community is a very devided one and I often made mistakes during my builds due to bad information found in a forum somewhere. The community then was very *online only*, there was really no physical interaction. I wanted to share what I was learning with other people because I understood the implications of this technology if it ever evolved.  My goal for Tampa Drones was to progress our hobby from an online community, to one that met in parks and share the same passion as like-minded individuals. I have met many great people and I am so proud of all who I have inspired to chase their dreams. 

Tampa Drones has gotten bigger than myself, and I can no longer do this on my own! Because my own life has evolved at home, I feel that I cannot grow the group beyond where we are now. So I am introducing the Ambassador Program. As a Tampa Drones Ambassador, you become an extension of our group that will reach out to places I cannot.

Our Ambassadors will:

  • Regularly attend assigned events wearing official Tampa Drones apparel to ensure the events safety and effectiveness.
  • Be knowledgeable in FAA regulations and AMA rules.
  • Provide a positive outreach to new members looking for information.
  • Share ideas on new meetups to keep our events exciting.

I know there are already several of you that do this and I really appreciate it! It is because of members like you that has made this group the best drone club in Tampa Bay! I want to officially recognize members like you when you are present by using this Ambassador program. Ambassadors will be assigned a single event series that they will consistently attend and report on. The Ambassadors and I will meet every month to discuss the events and how we can make them better. I also want to use these fresh set of eyes to come up with new, more meaningful events for you to enjoy! 

Sign up for our Ambassador Program here!

Fly Safe!
Tampa Drones