October Newsletter


Happy October!

The weather has been nice lately so I hope you all are enjoying it in the air! Tampa Drones has just surpassed 800 followers on Meetup and nearing 600 on Facebook! Because of our reach, Tampa Drones has spread its resources and knowledge throughout our community. I thank each and every one of you for making this group a part of your family. In case you are new here, anyone can reach me through all our digital platforms for advice, Part 107 questions and some good places to fly! Respond to any of our newsletters, or message me from our website at TampaDrones.com to get in touch. Now on with it!

Join the conversation on our Discord server! Click this link and download/install the Discord app to join. Its like a souped up forum where we talk about all aspects of our hobby. Post pictures of your build, a video or two of you ripping around a track or even tuning advice! Connect with others in the group by clicking this link: https://discord.gg/e6x5je

Come out to TB Drones and Hobbies in Largo, FL every first and third Thursdays of the month to learn how to tune your quad, firmware upgrades and more. The first Thursday is dedicated to tuning and repairs. Custom racer or production drones, it doesn’t matter. Cost is $20 for repair service during our meetup only and is not an offering by TB Drones themselves. This is for Tampa Drones members only! 🙂

USF is looking for participants in their upcoming competition called Drone TETRA (Technologies, Education, Training,Research and Applications). With major companies such as Microsoft, Apple and others on board, we are looking for your best submissions. Categories include Artificial lntelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IOR), wearables, mobile, Internet, 3-D printing and other emerging technologies Submissions must be submitted via their website here: http://usfsm.edu/featured-events/drone-tetra/index.aspx

Fly Safe!
Tampa Drones