Joshua Newby served 8 years in the US Navy beginning August 2003, enlisting as an Information Technology specialist. He excelled in complex problem solving and quickly climbed the ranks, to which he was heavily trained in computer networking and IT security.
After his tour, he finished college with a Computer Science degree and later taught himself basic robotics. His interests in unmanned aerial vehicles began with his first DIY autonomous drone build in 2014. With the rise in popularity in Raspberry Pi micro computers and autonomous flight systems, Joshua Newby has for the last few years combined the two and taken UAV capabilities to the next level.
Joshua Newby has been regarded as the expert in small UAV technology in Tampa, Florida and is the founder of Tampa Drones, a community of drone engineers and enthusiasts. He organizes meetups around the Tampa area to promote safe and responsible flying and also participates in  STEM events at local schools.

Joshua Newby – Founder / Organizer