Fly Map

Q: Where is it safe for me to fly my drone?

A: Check out our map below! These places below were provided by our members as safe places to fly.

Step 1:

Click here to register your drone!

All drones over .55lb must be registered with the FAA and there are fines associated if you do not have the proper marking. Register your drone for $5 and place your registration number somewhere visible and require no tools to view.

Step 2:

Check the map!

Be sure to check to see if your location is within 5 mile radius of an airport or restricted flying area.

Download AirMap for your mobile device:

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Step 3:

Meet others in our forum and go fly! Be sure to stay within the guidelines below. If you are interested in becoming an AMA member, visit our Merch page and get signed up!

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This map here is from the Tampa International Airport website and depicts the No Fly Zones for our area.


If you plan to operate in the red zone, visit and report your flight info.