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Open Fly Day at Sheffield park

Open Fly Day is something I feel that this is important and will be increasingly so. I have always urged my members to fly safe and have taught so many on how to do so by using flight simulators like FPV Freerider (free) and using micro drones to increase skill. What I tell everyone is,

“Flying safe in the sky starts with the Pilot’s confidence in his own ability.”

I cannot stress this enough. Your aircraft will always do what it’s told to do, just like a computer. 99% of mishaps are due to Pilot error, not technical. Many times it is because the Pilot jumped feet first and purchased a drone that is more advanced than their skill level. Sure, DJI makes a great product and is easy to use… But inexperience and FEAR of crashing or losing your $800+ drone sets in, beginner Pilots start to freak when they lose orientation, or can no longer see their aircraft… What do you do then? This is why we have Open Fly Day!

The next Open Fly Day will be held at Sheffield Park in Oldsmar.
Sheffield Disc Golf Park
1923 Cutty Bay Court
Oldsmar, FL 34677

If you search Sheffield Park in Google Maps, be sure to type Sheffield Disc Golf Park to get you to the right area. If you search just Sheffield Park in Oldsmar, it will take you to a trail head at the opposite end of where we will be meeting. Please mind the speed limit going through the neighborhood