Build a Drone Camp


Once the student has a grasp of the electronics and the basics of how a drone works, we will teach them about PID tuning, stick control and FPV flying. We will begin teaching the functions of a remote controller, how to assign switches and program the controller to make the drone communicate. We then will teach students PID tuning and how to adjust settings in the management software to react to their individual liking.

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Week 1: The students will learn the basics of assembling a small drone and learning the basics in how drones fly and the technology behind it. Each student will receive a BetaFPV kit as a training platform.

Week 2: The students get into building a full-sized racing drone kit, requiring soldering, firmware setup and more. We will teach the students about BetaFlight, how LiPo batteries work and more. The student will have an advanced understanding on how drones fly and how to do repairs on their own.

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