Code a Drone Camp


Our drone coding camp will utilize the Tello Edu drones to teach students how to use block code to make the drone fly. Students will work in groups as a racing team to make their Tello as precise and agile as possible, while maintaining clean code.


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Week 1: Each student is given their own Tello drone and will be instructed on how to fly it indoors. We will then teach simple photography methods to take pictures with the drone using the onboard camera. We will then teach basic photo editing skills to inspire students towards drone photography.

Week 2: The students will pair into teams and will act as a ‘racing crew’. Each team will be assigned a Tello EDU drone and will learn how to use block code to program the drone’s flight path.

At the end of this camp, each team will compete on a bracket to race their Tello drones through an obstacle course, using ONLY code. The winner will be determined at the end by elimination bracket.

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