Tampa Drones BuddyBox

The Tampa Drones Cloud was designed for drone photography professionals so they can easily manage and move their data sets. Currently, the process of moving high definition video and photos is either expensive or takes a long time to upload or download. Using a combination of the Tampa Drones Cloud service and our BuddyBox UAV Companion system, getting high resolution photo and videos to the people you need has never been faster!

How this works is that Tampa Drones Cloud service is hosted on a central server and our Members Photo Gallery pulls images from a large storage array.
After your day of flying, insert your SD card into the USB adapter on the BuddyBox and all of the contents of the card will be transferred to your personal cloud. Simply use any tablet, cell phone, or laptop, to connect to the BuddyBox to manage your data. After the contents of the SD card has been copied to your device, use the photo gallery to quickly find the photo you want to share. Type a Tampa Drones Cloud member username or any email address and a link of your file will be sent, where they can view and download your photo and videos.
Members will also be able to enjoy viewing other member’s photos via a public dump that will upload to our Tampa Drone’s photo gallery. Quickly and easily share to Facebook and other social media sites.
The BuddyBox is your personal cloud that can fit into your pocket. When the BuddyBox turns on, it connects to the internet and your photos and videos are instantly available to you and whomever you wish to share it with. Transfer some data to the Tampa Drones Cloud and have your files available while you keep your BuddyBox off the internet.
Want to edit the raw data? Simply connect the BuddyBox to the usb port on your laptop or tablet and have your data set on the go.
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