Tampa Drones Clubhouse

Tampa Drones Clubhouse

Open during meetup events and are for registered MEMBERS ONLY!

Are you ready to escape the heat and rain? Become an official Tampa Drones Clubhouse Member and get a break from flying in the parks! Clubhouse members will have access to ALL clubhouse amenities.

All guests must be accompanied at ALL times by another member in good standing.

We aren’t open all the way yet, but ‘soft-open’ if you will. The building is still under minor renovation and the cafe and drone shop are INOP until we find a suitable chef. Membership costs will go up once we do open all the way and as more amenities are added to the facility. Because of this, you can join now at a discounted rate to get in on the action early, and you will locked in with that rate for LIFE! By becoming an Early Adopter, your voice will be what guides through the final outcome of our journey!

Membership Rate

Clubhouse Amenities:
Access to indoor FPV arena
Access to Club Member Only functions
Free Drone Classes
Discounted Drone Rental rates
Discounted Party Room rates
and a FREE Tampa Drones t-shirt!

*Early adopter rates will NOT increase after we open and is ONLY available here on our website. Get locked in for LIFE as we make history!