The Buddy Box – Your All In One Ground Station

Drone pilots face many challenges in the field such as weather, NFZ restrictions and client demands. Neither of these we can control, but there is one thing however we can control, and its data. Large data sets like high resolution images and video take a long time to transfer over the internet. Before you can do that, you have to move the data from the drone’s SD card and onto your laptop which if its like mine, runs out of space very quickly. If you are like me, you probably store your client video and photos on Google Drive or Dropbox. How long does it take to transfer your data set to the cloud at the end of your day? What if you need to download the data again to edit or send off to your producer? The time it takes to transfer high quality drone footage is growing.
Introducing the Buddy Box. What is it? Built on Raspberry Pi, the Buddy Box is designed to be your companion in the field. The Buddy Box takes out the time consuming process of transferring and sharing your drone footage. With a push of a button, your drone’s sd card is copied to the on board memory where it becomes instantly available for remote viewers to see. Imagine within minutes, you can send and share your photos and videos from the field; receive feedback from your client before your even leave the site. Once the Buddy Box connects to the internet, the contents are ready for the world to see!

Your personal cloud in your pocket – The moment your data finishes transferring to your Buddy Box, its ready to be accessed from ANYWHERE.
GUI access via on board wifi – Use a laptop, cellphone or tablet to connect to access the front end of the Buddy Box.
Secure SFTP access for additional file uploading – Using SSH, you can securely send files to your Buddy Box via SFTP.
Control your UAS via MavProxy (APM and Pixhawk) – Your Buddy Box runs MavProxy which allows you to remotely send commands to your UAV using the Mavlink protocol.
Stream video footage from DJI Go 4 app and others to on board memory – Instead of streaming to YouTube or Facebook, stream directly to your Buddy Box and have immediate access to the footage. No OSD details are displayed on the video! Just pure raw footage.
Send and share data sets to anyone – As soon as the Buddy Box is attached to the internet via Ethernet or 3G/4G cellular modem, your files are ready to be viewed and downloaded. The Buddy Box has image and video galleries built in, so you can quickly find what you are looking for.
YOU control the data, its not stored on someone else’s server – Some UAV operators prefer to keep their data secure. Simply unplug from the internet or turn the device off to keep sensitive data from leaking to the internet.
Network multiple Buddy Box’s together to increase the size and dynamic of your personal cloud – Keep one in your field kit, and the other at home. This will allow you to access both Buddy Boxes simultaneously no matter where you are.
View contents of cloud services such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox and more – Already have data stored at a third party cloud service? The Buddy Box is compatible with all of them.
NO MORE LARGE FILE TRANSFERS!!! The data is readily accessible from the internet at your command!
BuddyBox Standalone
BuddyBox + 3G/4G connectivity (Bring your own sim card)
BuddyBox + 3G/4G connectivity + onboard LCD screen + Bluetooth Keyboard and touchpad (Bring your own sim card)