Part 107 Study Guide


Hello Future UAV Pilot!

This post is to serve as a starting point in studying for your Part 107 exam. The information here was freely found on the internet and is not my own. I am however consolidating it to the best content I found when taking the 107 for myself.

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Download this study guide and save it for later. Everything in the video is on this guide and will help you later.
Official FAA Pilot Knowledge Test Guide – FAA Study guide direct from the source.

The Unmanned Aircraft General – Small airman knowledge test covers the following knowledge areas:
(1) Applicable regulations relating to small unmanned aircraft system rating privileges, limitations,
and flight operation;
(2) Airspace classification, operating requirements, and flight restrictions affecting small
unmanned aircraft operation;
(3) Aviation weather sources and effects of weather on small unmanned aircraft performance;
(4) Small unmanned aircraft loading;
(5) Emergency procedures;
(6) Crew resource management;
(7) Radio communication procedures;
(8) Determining the performance of small unmanned aircraft;
(9) Physiological effects of drugs and alcohol;
(10) Aeronautical decision-making and judgment;
(11) Airport operations; and
(12) Maintenance and preflight inspection procedures.

Step 1.

First of all, relax. The test isn’t as hard as you are working yourself up to be. Follow this guide to help you get started and feel confident when you go in to test. My best advice is to commit to a date 2 weeks from now and verbally affirm it out loud. This will solidify the date in your mind and will help you dedicate yourself some time everyday to work on studying. Also, take good notes… this will come in handy later!

Call the test coordinator, not the testing center. The FAA lists two services. I used CATS:

    • Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS): 1-800-947-4228

  • PSI / LaserGrade Computer Testing: 1-800-211-2753

Here are all of the official testing centers available.

Watch this video by Tony Northrop.

Don’t worry about taking notes or retaining the information on your first go. Just watch it straight through so you can gain an understanding of what to expect. You have a lot of questions about whats going to be on the test, what do you REALLY need to study, etc. Watching this video will answer ALL of them, I promise!

Step 2.

Ok, you made it! That was a lot of information I know. Now, watch it again straight through, get a feel for what is not sticking and take notes.

Step 3.

The next part of this guide is the mock test on 3DR’s website.
Do the first 50 questions to gain an overall idea on what you need to keep practicing. **Be sure not to cheat yourself and get all 10 questions correct and in the green before moving on!**

Step 4.

So what tripped you up the most… Let me guess, it’s maps! Now you understand why everyone says “the map questions are the hardest part of the test”. So, conquer the maps and this test will be easy!
Watch this video to get a clear understanding of any question on the practice exam. He goes through each question (ALL 130~!) and explains WHY that is the correct answer. Good job Blue Ridge Drone Photography!

So you’ve done the first 50 questions, right? It’s ok if you had to use Google or otherwise to find the answers. The point is that you found the answer and added it to your notes.

Step 6.

Ok so you’ve watched Tony Northrop’s video several times and you’ve done at least the first 100 questions on the 3DR website and watched the second video to figure out the correct questions you missed. Remember when I said to take good notes? Here is when it comes handy. Look over everything you have written down… This is now your study guide. Anything you feel you still aren’t certain on, you need to spend more time studying. Don’t forget your deadline will be here soon!
I hoped this helped someone out there on the fence in dropping the $150 for the test. Be confident and if you believe you will succeed, you will!

Part 107 Recurrent

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