January Newsletter


Hello Pilots! Welcome to 2020! The weather has been great as usual and I missed flying with everyone. But as some of you have noticed, I am finally able to get out to some meetups again! I can’t believe my son is already 7 months old.

We start today with our most important topic. If you aren’t aware, the FAA is again trying to enact new ‘rules’ that affects our hobby. The most notable of changes include forcing ADS-B devices on all RC aircraft over the .55lb limit. Another change is designed to force us to only fly our custom drones (racing, DIY, etc) at designated AMA airfields, and will prevent us from flying more than 400′ in FRONT of you!

I was notified and invited by the AMA to a conference call with the FAA so we can verbally voice our concerns, ask questions and find out whats really going on. I want all of our voices heard, so please take some time to watch the video in its entirety and fill out my questionnaire and give us questions you want asked/clarified.

We are partnering with AMRoK in the University Mall to bring drone building classes, special events directed at home school kids and to bring you indoor drone racing! AMRoK is a maker space outfitted with 3D printers, classroom meeting space, robotic and STEM courses and more! You can stop by anytime and see their Battle Bot arena and see the action LIVE! Keep an eye out for this one, it begins in March!

Have you heard about Cyborg Fest on Feburary 22nd? Cyborg Fest integrates everything RC including drones, robots and RC truck racing! Our AMRoK friends will be there with their battle bots to smash each other, 50/50 head to head drone racing and more! Bring your apatite because we will have BBQ vendors, a beer and wine truck and a whole lot more. Watch our Facebook page for more information on this one!

We will need volunteers to help run our tent as we will be responsible for Pilot check-ins, frequency management and race track setup and break down. If you would like to be involved (and get free food!) fill out the form here!

We also need racers! The registration fee to participate in the drone race is $30, of which half will go into the grand prize pot. The winner of the race will receive the cash prize! Visit www.cyborgfest.com and scroll to the bottom to download your registration form!

That’s it for now, I will periodically send updates regarding the FAA conference call and Cyborg Fest tickets!

Fly Safe!
Tampa Drones