Fly a Drone Camp


Come Build With Us!

This summer, treat your kids with a STEM Summer Camp!

They will work with other students and learn how to code, build robots, and fly a drone!

Our 2-week and 3-week STEM camp will teach your kids Science and Math in a way that is FUN and REWARDING. Best of all, the skills learned can be applied when it is time for school again!

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Once the student has a grasp of the electronics and the basics of how a drone works, we will teach them about PID tuning, stick control and FPV flying. We will begin teaching the functions of a remote controller, how to assign switches and program the controller to make the drone communicate. We then will teach students PID tuning and how to adjust settings in the management software to react to their individual liking.

Week 1: We will take the students through flying a drone on a flight simulator using hobby grade remote control systems, then will introduce them to flying a real drone. We teach the students advanced flying techniques, throttle control and more.

Week 2: The students will be flying a real drone using FPV goggles inside a closed arena through an indoor course for the first 2 days. The next 3 days, the students will be racing each other.

At the end of this camp, the students will race each other using FPV goggles in a race to determine the winner.

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