Tampa Drones Cloud

Introducing our newest service, the Tampa Drones Cloud!

The Tampa Drones Cloud was designed with drone photography professionals in mind so they can easily manage and move their high quality media. Currently, the process of moving high definition video and photos is either expensive or takes a long time for media to upload or download. Using a combination of the Tampa Drones Cloud service and our BuddyBox UAV Companion system, getting high resolution photo and videos from your drone to your clients have never been faster!

I do a lot of cinematography, and I quickly realized the biggest problem I faced was getting my finished video from my laptop and in front of my client. I also found that my computer hard drive filled quickly. I later had to invest in portable media for storage and that uploading to Google Drive took incredibly long time and didn’t really work very well for what I was doing. The biggest problem was no matter what I tried, there was no solution that was professional to my client. Using my background in IT, I have developed a platform that can be used to produce and introduce your media in a quick, easy and professional manner. It saves you time and is fairly easy to use, giving you a quicker turn around.

Pro Platinum accounts are allotted 20GB of space to host your media on our cloud servers and make it readily available to your clientele so they can view at their leisure 24/7. Additionally, the Tampa Drones Cloud is compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and even external FTP services. You can upload media using any phone, tablet or laptop so whether you are in the field or back in the office, your data is ready from everywhere!


The BuddyBox is your UAV companion. It is smart portable storage you can take to the field so you may upload your media on the go. Using the optional 4G cellular modem, your media is ready to be viewed before you even leave the site. Simply insert your drone’s sd card and the BuddyBox will automatically copy the contents onto its internal hard drive. Once its finished, your files can be viewed using your personal web address. As long as the BuddyBox is turned on, your data can be viewed and shared from anywhere in the world. Simply turn it off to prevent unauthorized access. Paired with the Tampa Drones Cloud service, copy your data to our servers so your clients can view your work 24/7/365.

The BuddyBox is more than just smart media on the go. Its smart media ANYWHERE. The BuddyBox is small enough to stow on medium sized drones. Paired with a DJI or Pixhawk enabled drone, your flight telemetry data and video stream is recorded to your cloud so as your camera takes photos, you and your client can view them in real time…. not after you land.

The BuddyBox also features a local RMTP streaming server. Using any DJI drone, you can livestream your video feed directly to the BuddyBox with no telemetry overlay. Enjoy recording directly to the BuddyBox in the field for pure raw footage available to you in your personal cloud.

Want to learn more about the BuddyBox? Click here.